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Fishing for Tarpon

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Fishing for Tarpon

Tarpon otherwise known as Silver King migrate annually to South Carolina waters in late May and stay until October. The best months for tarpon fishing in South Carolina are August and September during the annual Mullet run. This event triggers a large scale feeding frenzy as large tarpon and many other predator fish take advantage of the available mullet and menhaden. On average, the larger tarpon are caught in South Carolina later in the season, and fish in excess of 130 lbs are common.

Fishing tactics for tarpon vary from live bait, to artificial lures and fly fishing

Live baiting a medium sized mullet, menhaden, or other small fish is one of the most productive methods for catching tarpon. Typically the technique for catching these large fish is drifting live baits into a pod of feeding tarpon. Heavy tackle, strong drags and stout rods are required to land a fish quickly so they can be released healthy. If you are looking for a fish that can deliver an exciting fight this is the one.